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2016 ISBN: | EPUB | 114 MB
30-Second Politics - The 50 most thought-provoking theories in politics
30-Second Ancient Egypt - The 50 Most Important Achievements of a Timeless Civilisation
30-Second Ancient Rome - The 50 Most Important Achievments of a Timeless Civilisation
30-Second Architecture - The 50 Most Signicant Principles and Styles in Architecture
30-Second Astronomy - The 50 Most Mindblowing Discoveries in Astronomy
30-Second Brain - The 50 most mind-blowing ideas in neuroscienc...

2010 ISBN: | 726 PDF | 10.3 GB
Encyclopedia Britannica Almanac 2009.pdf
Encyclopedia Britannica Concise.pdf
Encyclopedia of 19th Century Photography.pdf
Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture.pdf
Encyclopedia of 20th Century Photography.pdf
Encyclopedia of 20th Century Technology.pdf
Encyclopedia of Acting.pdf
Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs.pdf
Encyclopedia of Adoption.pdf
Encyclopedia of African Folklore.pdf
Encyclopedia of African History.pdf

2009 ISBN: | |
This easy-to-use, richly photographed encyclopedia puts the wider world in context and allows young readers to explore to their hearts' content. Great for visual learners and ESL students, and for any child who loves pictures and words, The New Children's Encyclopedia is sure to become a classic for home and school use.

Featuring topics ranging from giant galaxies to microscopic bacteria, this encyclopedia explores and explains the world we live in and beyond. Bring key school subje...
Category: Children's Books

2016 | 1133 Pages | ISBN: | ePUB, PDF | 15 MB
Terms are defined in a jargon-free and concise manner with helpful examples where relevant. The dictionary contains approximately 150 new entries including cloud computing, cross-site scripting, iPad, semantic attack, smartphone, and virtual learning environment. Recommended web links for many entries, accessible via the Dictionary of Computer Science companion website, provide valuable further information and the appendices include useful resources such as generic domain names, file extensions,...

| 235500 Pages | ISBN: | 471 PDF | 11 GB

Arts, Humanities, Religion

Arts and Humanities Through The Eras
Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion
Encyclopedia of Food and Culture 3 vols
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology
Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Encyclopedia of Religion 2nd Ed, 14 vols
Encyclopedia of Religious Practices, 2006 3 vols
Encyclopedia of Science and Religion
Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender 4 vols

2007 | 600 Pages | ISBN: 1593394268 | PDF | 32 MB
Give the young learner in your life the wonderful gift of knowledge. The Britannica Discovery Library is a charming, lavishly illustrated, 12-volume set of "concepts and values" books specifically created for young learners ages 3 - 6. Children are introduced to various texts and genres, including rhymes, narratives, puzzles, and riddles. Key vocabulary words are highlighted throughout and defined at the back of each volume. The set is ideal for pre-readers and early readers as each volume conta...
Category: Children's Books

2012 | software Pages | ISBN: 0194334031 | ISO | 572 MB
Oxford Essential Dictionary gives all the essential help and information elementary and pre-intermediate learners need.

Updated with 200 NEW words, Oxford Essential Dictionary includes over 24,000 words, phrases, and meanings.

2,000 of the most important words in English are marked as keywords, so students know which words to learn first.

Notes give extra help with grammar, pronunciation, and spelling....

2010 ISBN: | exe | 530 MB
CD-ROM Install Version (Win) + Worksheets

The WordWise Dictionary focuses on the essential words, phrases, and grammar structures that secondary students need to quickly achieve greater fluency in English. 37,000 words, phrases, and examples needed to understand intermediate-level reading texts, with short definitions and simple examples. Teaches 2,000 important words, showing key collocations and grammatical constructions and highlighting essential meanings. Special entries ...

2011 ISBN: 8th Edition | exe (portable) | 647 MB
Add 10% Recovery

The world's best-selling advanced learner's dictionary, now with Oxford iWriter to help students plan, write and review their written work.

2006 | 146 Pages | ISBN: 1405827963 | MP3/PDF | 219 MB
New Edition (Monolingual Student Book with 2 Audio CDs)

*1000 clear and up-to-date photos make learning over 2500 basic words easy and memorable * Conversation and vocabulary activities offer extra speaking and writing practice on every page, and in a separate section at the back * Includes 2 audio CDs with pronunciations of every word...
Category: Children's Books

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