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The colorful pictures and easy children's language writers of the world will make such training more interesting.
1. Ugly Duckling
2. Snip and Snap and the Billy Goat
3. The Robber Kitten
4. Rays of Sunshine
5. Punky Dunk and the Mouse
6. Proverbs for the nursery
7. The pet Bubble book
8. One little Penny and How he Crew
9. The Louis Wain Kitten Book
10. Jack and the Beanstalk
11. Gems from little mother goose
12. Cats Cradle
13. The Bubble Book
14. In the nursery
15. Baby`s ABC Book
16. Around the Week
17. Around The World in a Berry Wagon
18. The Toddles Twins
19. Snip and Snap and the poll Parrot
20. The Sandman`s Hour
21.The Rhyme Book
22. Punky Dunk and the Spotted Pup
23. Punky Dunk and the gold Fish
24. Pinky-Winky - Dog Book
25. Mother Gooses Melodies
26. Little Bo-Peep
27. Our Jungle Friends
28. Mother Goose Rhymes
29. Four Footed Folk
30. About Bunnies
31. The Brave Tin Soldier
32. Three Blind Mice
33. Aunt Louisa
34. 5 little Pigs
35. Sunbonnet Babies in mother Goose land
36. Wee Tony
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